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Van Hollen, Cardin, Harris Advance City Dock Funding Requests

Community Project Funding (CPF) requests for federally-funded improvements to the Crisfield City Dock were recently advanced by Senators Chris Van Hollen, Ben Cardin and Congressman Andy Harris in their respective committees. $2,003,532 for the project was included in the House Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD)Appropriations Committee Subcommittee Bill. 

The Crisfield City Dock hosts community events, provides free water access for crabbing, fishing, and boating, and is a port for boats to Smith and Tangier Islands. If enacted into law, these funds will address structural issues and raise the height of the dock to make it safer and mitigate impacts of sea-level rise. The funding requests are to address the needs found in a structural assessment conducted by the engineering firm Davis, Bowen, and Friedel. The assessment of the Crisfield City Dock found that there is severe deterioration and significant storm damage to the support structure, and that it has exceeded its useful life and is not suited to resist wave forces from coastal storms. The structural assessment recommends a more resilient design to resist the forces of wave action, including elevating the dock. The existing substructure will not support the live loading required by code. Due to this, events that are currently held at that dock are restricted to no more than 100 attendees.

Bond Bill Sponsored by Senator Carozza

The City of Crisfield is grateful to Senator Mary Beth Carozza for sponsoring a $100,000 bond bill towards planning for future improvements for the Crisfield City Dock.  These funds will be used towards planning that will create an even more inviting space for residents and the community, as well as preparing the dock to host large events. 

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