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Nature-Based Solutions with the EPA Office of Research & Development

As part of its efforts to deal with current environmental challenges such as nuisance flooding, storms, and erosion, Crisfield is partnering with EPA and others to explore nature-based solutions such as green infrastructure and marsh restoration.

Participation and input from community members is critical to the success of any efforts. Alongside its research efforts, EPA will be offering a six-month Resilience Academy, open to those 15 and older. The Academy is an interactive program for a small group of community members to explore environmental issues relevant to the people of Crisfield. Participants will learn about and discuss environmental topics of interest and concern, with opportunities to work with researchers in the field, while building successful leadership strategies, community partnerships, and other tools to better prepare the environmental leaders of tomorrow. This program is anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2023. If you are interested in receiving more information about the Resilience Academy in Crisfield or receiving updates on nature-based projects in Crisfield, please email

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